I'm Jessica Gilmore,

a 24-year-old health, food, and fitness lover living in Birmingham, Alabama. Over the years, my curiosity and desire to grow have kept me learning from track coaches, personal trainers, the Internet, the Bible, and everything in between. The culmination of all that research now informs the way I live, move, eat, and steward the body with which God entrusted me.  I hope this website encourages YOU to build and maintain a healthier, stronger, and more confident you from the inside out. My heart is to inspire, encourage, equip, and share in the joy and peace that comes from living at peace with your body while joyfully treating it right!


Health and Well Jess

By Jessica Gilmore


Find out what people are saying about Health and Well Jess

​"Seriously - I would be lost in the gym without your workouts. I love the convenience of being able to do them practically anywhere I go, and I love how I have them at my finger tips. Your workouts are my go-tos and my favorites!"
- Destiny
"These workouts are seriously incredible. I travel a lot and don't always have access to a gym, but never feel like I miss out on a good burn because of these! I walk away dripping every time I do them, and I feel so much stronger."
- Sydney
"I absolutely love your workouts! They are my lifesaver! I can't always get to a gym and many times end up doing your workouts in the basement of my store after closing. I'm not only now more motivated by you but I have a library of workouts I can choose from!"
- Meredith
"I love your workouts! Every time I wake up sore and I really know it's working! They're all super fun to do and make me feel great."
- Allie
"I did one of the HIIT Ab workouts the other day in my hotel. My heart rate was definitely up and the next day I felt very sore deep in my core/abs area where those muscles hadn't been challenged in a while, it was so great! 10/10!! I had no idea those muscles even existed - very, very good to know how to work those."
- Kara
"I love how I can just look at your page for all my workout inspo! You lay it all out so I don't even have to think about it! I usually attend classes because I don't ever know what to do on my own but with your workouts I can do it by myself!"
- Claire
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